Entrepreneurs, creatives or developers, everyone meets at The Ground. No more apartness from working from home, come and meet other people who might as well change forever your way of working.

The community of The Ground is a good deal of energy, a little inspiration and more important, a lot of work!

Meet Our Team

Meet our dedicated team, who will do everything to make sure that your collaborative space experience goes smoothly.


Meet our manager. Guillaume is highly self-motivated with excellent communication skills. He is sensible, good humored, lively and you never saw such happy manners! He'll be delighted to assist you through your experience at The Ground. Come and say Hi! or drop him a line at


Meet our supervisor. Morganne is young & dynamic and has mastered the art of adding a warm personality to the professional atmosphere at The Ground. Should you want to visit The Ground, drop her a line or two at


Why is collaborative space such a success?

When you work freelance or when you are a young entrepreneur, there is no alternative between working from home, and renting a desk for an outrageous price that not many people can afford. Yet, when you work from home, you often end up being isolated, which is not good for your productivity and even worse, for your moral.

The Ground is the perfect equilibrium between the comfort of your couch and the encounters you can make outside. Here, the communicator meets the web developer, before deciding to develop a common project: you just need to talk to the right person and the magic happens.

A space with all mod cons and an active and engaged community, what are you waiting for?

The five core values of a collaborative space:

The collaborative community goes beyond Mauritius, and all the values associated with this new way of working are shared throughout the entire world.

Sustainability: Collaborate is about mutualising resources and limiting business trips, but also building things on the long-term, which means not relying on external resources to grow and prosper.

Community: Creating a collaborative space is gathering together a community in a space which resembles it, and will allow it to live and grow according to its expectations, needs and values.

Cooperation: Collaborative is working together, learning from others and teaching to others in aid of everyone.

Openness: Collaborators gather together to share their experiences, their ideas, their values and make progress together and enrich one another.

Accessibility: Work whenever you want, wherever you want, with whoever you want.